It all began when…

Two friends were sitting down at one of the best pizzerias in Stockholm while having a conversation about the potentiality of combining technology together with design. After a long discussion and many pizzas later, we find ourselves both sitting down scrolling through our phones. As one of the co-founders was browsing to buy a new phone case to purchase, he realizes that finding a phone case that not only protects his phone but also fits his personal style was next to impossible. And at that moment a lightbulb went off in his head, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where anyone could design their own personal phone case so that they’d fit their own personal style.

Just like when it comes to pizza, each and every one of us has our personal idea of what should or shouldn’t be topped on a slice of pizza, so why doesn’t the same apply to phone cases? And just like that “Case Of Art” was born; the website where you choose your phones topping.

Our mission

Since designing professional & quality phone cases has traditionally been far too expensive and/or out of reach for the vast majority; people have come to accept the more outdated and boring phone cases, where they don’t really think about the aesthetics of the phone case that they’re purchasing. And that is exactly what our company wants to change. Our true passion lies behind that we love helping people to design the best-looking phone case to fit each individual. Aside from the good looks, the phone cases are also made from very high-quality material, meaning that it will be sturdy, long-lasting, and good looking at the same time. That is why our vision is simple yet ambitious: “Design made easy for all“.

Case of Art – Be your own artist.